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Originally called Tharp, Fenn was renamed after Stephen S. Fenn and his son, Frank, in 1907 when the first Camas Prairie Railroad Depot was established here. During his life, Stephen was a prosecuting attorney for Idaho County, a delegate to Congress (1874-1876), and a soldier in the Indian War of 1877. Frank Fenn possessed an equally impressive resume. He attended Whitman Academy in Walla Walla, Washington, and entered the U.S. Naval Academy, from which he was expelled in 1872 for hazing a fellow student. Frank later became a Fairfield school teacher and eventually married one of his students. He fought in the Nez Perce War and volunteered for the Spanish-American War, where he attained the rank of Major. In the middle of all that, Frank was postmaster at Mount Idaho, a lawyer in Boise from 1890-1901, and state chairman for the Republican Party. From 1903 to 1920, Frank Fenn served as superintendent for all of the National Forest Reserves in northern Idaho, as well as thirteen reserves in Montana. He later returned to Kooskia and helped his son run a newspaper. Frank died in 1927, but the legend of the two men live on to this day.

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