White Bird
Pop. 106

Named after a great Nez Perce Indian Chief, White Bird may be a small village but it is loaded with history. Situated near White Bird Creek and the Salmon River, the first recorded settlers arrived as early as 1863. A. D. Chapman and his Umatilla Indian wife were entrepreneurs. Soon after arriving, the Chapmans began offering ferry services across the Salmon, and more homesteaders began calling the area home. A post office was established in 1866, and a few businesses began appearing in 1874. The town’s growth greatly increased when S. S. Fenn built a stage station and hotel in 1891. Within no time, White Bird had grown to include four hotels, a livery stable, a meat market, a general store and saloon, a blacksmith shop, and a school. The area is most recognized, however, for the 1877 Battle of White Bird Hill. This conflict between the Nez Perce and US government was the start of the Nez Perce Indian War.

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