Pop. 25,967

This beautiful city lies on the north banks of the Boise River. Known as “Bugtown” and “Hamburg” during the early years when it served as a campsite for the railroad workers, Caldwell was later named for former Kansas U.S. Senator C.A. Caldwell, who was the president of the Idaho and Oregon Land Improvement Company. Mr. Caldwell owned and platted the townsite in 1883, and in 1890, the town was officially incorported as part of Canyon County. The city obtained the title of county seat in 1894. At one time, an electric streetcar provided service between Caldwell and Boise; the trip required one hour and twenty minutes of travel time.

The completion of the Deer Flat dams and Lake Lowell in 1908 further increased the area’s amenities, providing irrigation for alfalfa, hybrid sweet-corn seed, beans, onions, hops, and sugar beets. In 1941, the J.R. Simplot Company opened its doors and began dehydrating onions. During World War II, potatoes were added to the company’s lineup, and today, the plant is one of the world’s largest potato processing factories. As its history has illustrated, Caldwell and Canyon County in general is one of the nation’s most prosperous agricultural regions.

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