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Council was named because the valley where it lies used to be the gathering grounds for Native American trading, peace talks, and tribal games. Many of the councils were held on the butte, and the first white pioneers didn’t arrive until 1876.

George Moser and his family were the first to build a cabin in town. The couple eventually built a second, two-story frame structured home in which they housed travelers. The hogs and cattle they raised produced meat and butter, which the Mosers sold to the local miners. One spring day when George Moser set out to find the grizzly bear that had been preying on his dogs, the bear unfortunately found him first and tore his legs up. The damage was irreparable, and ill health plagued Moser for the rest of his life. In 1894, his condition finally led him back to Arkansas where he died shortly thereafter.

More settlers arrived throughout the years in response to the Seven Devils mining boom, and in 1901, the railroad arrived. The town was eventually incorporated in 1903, and today serves as an access point to recreation in the Seven Devils Mountains.

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