Pop. 11,085

This town is the second in Idaho to be named such. The first “Eagle” settlement lay just west of Murray, in Idaho’s panhandle. This particular Eagle no longer exists. It had been Coeur d’Alene’s first gold rush camp and the home of Wyatt Earp’s infamous 1884 tent saloon.

The current town of Eagle is located just outside Boise and boasts the remarkable Oliver Short house. Utilizing building materials gathered from the Boise River, this home dates to 1906 and is the largest remaining river rock house in Idaho. The house originally contained fifteen rooms and was two-stories high. Since then the interior has been altered. Oliver himself originated from Kansas. After Indians killed his father, Oliver was sent to live with his uncle on Eagle Island near this present day community. After managing the ranch for years, Oliver eventually purchased most of it.

The Eagle Flour Mill, which still stands on Main Street, was built in the 1920s and operated for over forty years before closing. It was the last flour mill in the state to close.

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