Pop. 890

Earl Q. Marsing and Mark Marsing settled in this area in 1913. After purchasing forty-four acres, the two men and C. A. Johnson platted out a new town and began selling lots. The gentlemen originally named the settlement “Butte” after the nearby geologic wonder of Lizard Butte, and Walter Volkmer became the community’s first settler. When Volkmer applied for postal services in 1922, however, the post office rejected the town’s name in because there were too many other regional towns operating under the same title. Therefore, the town was named after its founders, the Marsings. The small settlement originally served as the area’s trade center. Before a bridge was built across the river in 1921, one upstream and one downstream ferry carried travelers and supplies back and forth from their intended destinations. Today, Marsing is one of Owyhee County’s largest communities and retains its economic heritage as an agricultural center.

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