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This tiny town is situated at the bottom of Squaw Creek Valley at the mouth of Squaw Creek, and traces its origins back to the 1870s. Setting out from Ohio, Ezekiel Sweet arrived in the valley in 1877. Here, he met his wife, Isabel, and the couple settled in the valley. During this time, the area was a popular freight stop on the journey to the Buffalo Hump mining district. In 1884, Ezekiel decided to open a post office to better serve residents’ needs. Although he hoped to name the town “Squaw Creek,” the postal service balked at the length of the name, and the town was then christened “Sweet” after its first postmaster. The town’s most prosperous year came in 1905 with the gold rush to Thunder Mountain in the Chamberlain Basin. The economy rapidly grew, and the town was soon home to a bank, hotel, flourmill, saloons, lodge halls, a newspaper, and a church. Unfortunately, as the mining boom ended, so did most business activity in Sweet. Today, Sweet is a sleepy village where visitors can still find the town’s namesake buried in Sweet-Montour Cemetery, as well as a local park marking a natural spring where freight horses drank during the late 1800s.

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