Waterfalls in Section 7

Campground Falls
From the city edge of Lava Hot Springs, drive 0.3 mile east along US Highway 30

Unofficially named Campground Falls due to its location within a private campground, this cataract is located at an elevation of 5,000 feet with a large watershed. Campground Falls drops 10 to 15 feet from the narrow Portneuf River into a pool below.

Lower Portneuf Falls
From Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, take US Highway 30 west for 6 miles; park at an old jeep road and take an easy walk down to the Portneuf River

Lower Portneuf Falls tumbles 15 to 25 feet as the Portneuf River divides into two cataracts. At an elevation of 4,840 feet, one of the falls descends vertically as it loses contact with the bedrock surface. The other fall cascades along a series of rocky steps.

Falls along the Portneuf
From the city edge of Lava Hot Springs, drive 0.5 miles east along US Highway 30, exiting onto Pebble Area Road. Continue north 2 miles to an unnamed loop in the road and park here; take a moderate walk on an undeveloped trail to the Portneuf River

North of Lava Hot Springs, ID, several small unofficially named waterfalls drop along the Portneuf River. Located along a 1-mile marshy stretch of the river, the falls require visitors to take a short but moderate walk on an undeveloped trail. Sightseers are urged to wear appropriate footwear.

The following Idaho waterfalls are also located in this section with limited directions/access available:

Houtz Creek Falls and The Falls (Auborn)
Found along Scenic Route 34 in southeastern Idaho, Houtz Creek Falls can be viewed from the road approximately 1 mile east of Pine Bar Campground. For the best vantages, visitors should be prepared to visit the cataract during the late spring and summer months. The Falls (Auborn) are located upstream from a fish hatchery.

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