Fish Haven
Pop. 100

This tiny resort community’s roots date back to a Shoshone Indian summer campsite. Fish such as brown trout, lake trout, perch, and carp were abundant in Fish Haven Creek and nearby Bear Lake, making it an ideal location for finding food. New species of whitefish were discovered in this lake in 1915 and both still inhabit its waters. Unfortunately, the Utah cutthroat (a/k/a bluenose trout) found in 1912 is now extinct.

Legend states that in the 1800s, two Mormon pioneers pulled1,800 pounds of fish from the nearby stream in one day. From 1900 to 1925, it was the site of a commercial fishing operation. In 1925, however, both Idaho and Utah outlawed commercial fishing on Bear Lake, and the town shifted its attention to the tourism market. The local post office has operated since 1873.

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