Mink Creek
Pop. 50

In late 1871, Janus Keller and his sons built a log cabin along nearby Strawberry Creek. Mr. Keller left his two sons, ages twelve and fourteen, at the cabin alone while he went sixty miles away to the rest of the family in Utah. While the younger son grew impatient for his father’s return and hiked back to Utah, the older boy wintered at the cabin alone and took care of the family hay and cattle business. The entire family arrived the following spring with provisions, and the settlement of Mink Creek arose directly south of Keller’s residence in 1873. A predominantly Mormon community upon its founding, Mink Creek at one time boasted a population of 500 residents. However, the town’s population has continually declined, and Mink Creek students have been bused to nearby Preston since 1965. The town reportedly draws its name from an area creek, which drew its name from the plethora of mink that was trapped there during the mountain man era.

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