Pop. 4,682

William Head originally founded this town in 1866 because of its location along the freight road from Corinne, Utah, to Helena, Montana. When the Utah Northern Railroad chugged into town in 1878, it brought with it a steady stream of settlers. Originally called Worm Creek, the name was changed in 1881 to honor prominent Mormon settler, William B. Preston. The name changed helped lure more people to the area, and the town site was surveyed in 1888. Finally, in 1913, the town incorporated while at the same time becoming the seat of Franklin County.

The area continued to grow as a regional agricultural center and currently produces bountiful crops of corn, beans, hay, and a variety of grains. Preston also gained the national spotlight when it recently became the filming site for the comedic high school tale of “Napolean Dynamite.”

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