Soda Springs
Pop. 3,381

The only man-made geyser in the world is located here.
Soda Springs was named after the area’s numerous bubbling springs and the unique soda deposit rock formations surrounding the region. John C. Fremont and a man named Wyeth initially called the location Beer Springs in 1832 after a spring that contained naturally carbonated salt water. In fact, some parched Oregon Trail pioneers who stopped here to rest actually believed some of the springs tasted like beer! Despite the town’s early moniker, the name was changed to its present title sometime before the community’s appearance on an 1859 territorial map.

Today, the Alexander Reservoir unfortunately covers many of the springs for which the area first became noted. The original town site, which began as Camp Connor in 1863, is also covered. The fort was home to Colonel Patrick Connor and the soldiers who led the notorious Bear River Massacre, as well as 160 followers involved in the Morrisite Rebellion. The Morrisites followed their leader Joseph Morris, who shared revelations with Brigham Young regarding theological error. The Mormon religion rebuked Morris, and thereafter he and his 160 followers left town. They first went to General Patrick Connor’s Camp Douglas in 1862, then on to Soda Springs, near Camp Connor, in 1863.

Although an area post office opened in 1865, the town didn’t really take hold until Brigham Young and an associate purchased enough acreage to accommodate twelve families in the town’s present site. When these families moved north from Utah and the Oregon Short Line Railroad arrived, the present townsite sprung to life. Today, the area is still known for its bubbling springs, as well as its vast amounts of phosphate ore.

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